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About Advance Industrial Mechanical, Inc.

Advance Industrial Refrigeration is more than just an HVAC manufacturer it's a full-service solutions provider. We handpicked the areas to concentrate on to provide the most robust solution for our customers, ensuring they can find a complete solution from one source.

AIR offers us a system that is serviceable without completely shutting down the system because of their design having four sets of condensers and compressors we can do repairs and still provide chill water to the area.

Also with their design, we have the ability to run only what is needed. For example, in the winter months, we may not need to run a 500-ton capacity we have a variable with the unit that unloads the system load and saves power consumption. With a centrifugal system, the entire system has to go down. If this happens unplanned, we could potentially cause shutting down of drives in MCC rooms because of heat.