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Indiana County Chamber Of Commerce

Indiana County Chamber Of Commerce

About Operation BeYoutiful

Vision Statement: We believe that beauty shines from the inside out. We work to give girls the confidence back that they need in order to regain normalcy in their everyday lives. Although we specialize in giving our girls high quality cranium prosthesis, we also focus on who our girls are as a person, and what makes them unique. We strive to remind our girls that they have an illness; but they are not their illness. There is so much that make our girls beautiful, and we work to remind them of that.

Mission Statement: To instill hope, confidence and inspiration in young girls battling medically related hair loss."

Why were different: We dont just send a wig to our recipients. Operation: BeYoutiful personalizes a day for every one of our girls. We plan the day based on what the girls love to do and we spend the day getting to know our recipients. Our girls not only get custom-fit, high quality cranium prosthesis, or wig, hand chosen by our wig specialist, Nuhart Hair, Richland, PA. We also pick an activity based on their likes and interests and spend time getting to know them while they get to do what they love. We also do not required an income statement from our families. We accept families from all levels of income in order to help as many girls as we can.