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Boulder City Chamber of Commerce

Boulder City Chamber of Commerce

About Andeepants

Custom patchwork pants - also known as awesome-pants
so, I have these pants...

They are my andeepants, and they are AWESOME! Its true. For me, they are magic happy pants. I put them on, and they make me smile. They are colorful, crazy, comfortable, and loads of fun. I make up weird stories about where all the patches came from, and where the pants might have traveled before they made it to me. I always have a great day when I wear them. What's equally amazing is that when I wear them, they make other people happy too. And so I've started making andeepants for other people to have and enjoy.

Andeepants are a walking story. The magic is in the uniqueness of each pair. Every pair is made from reused, recycled, reclaimed, re-whatever jeans and materials. They have pockets, material pieces, ribbons, and patches from all over. This means that all pairs of andeepants are original and one of a kind. When you wear a pair of andeepants you're wearing your very own special pair of awesome pants!