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About CionSystems, Inc.

CionSystems delivers a simple and cost-effective solution to improve security and streamline managing IT infrastructure. CionSystems Identity Management solutions are designed to integrate with enterprise HR systems, school information systems, and other systems. Products are designed to provide benefits for school districts and IT organizations of varying size, complexity, and skill levels in verticals like finance, insurance, education, telecom, technology, etc. Implement process-driven Security and Auditing to reduce support costs and quickly respond to security incidents while continuous monitoring, reporting, and alerting of directories like Active Directory, LDAP, Linux OpenLDAP, office365, Azure AD.

Our product set includes Active directory auditor, Active directory backup and restore, Active directory group policy management, Active Directory management tools, Active Directory password reset tool, Multi-factor authentication, Enterprise Self Service, Active directory reports, Office 365 management and Azure AD management.